YouTube 2.0: How To Successfully Overhaul Your YouTube Presence

3 Minute Read
A clean youtube profile makes finding and exploring your videos easy and manageable

YouTube 2.0: How To Successfully Overhaul Your YouTube Presence

3 Minute Read

For small teams, optimizing your YouTube channel is not just a task—it’s a strategic necessity! Spending time on your YouTube channel is pivotal in maximizing visibility, engagement, and overall performance.  A completed overhaul can realign your profile with best practices for YouTube content creation and ensure that the channel remains competitive and effective in achieving its goals. 

We get it; doing a complete platform overhaul can feel daunting, so we created this collection of tips to support small teams like yours. In this blog post, we’re digging into the hows, whys, and frequently asked questions surrounding a YouTube overhaul so you can implement one for your mission-driven organization and start reaping the benefits! 

What is a YouTube Overhaul?

A YouTube overhaul is a refresh to your YouTube page that involves enhancing existing features, employing new features, and optimizing the existence and overall functionality of your profile. It can include things such as: 

  • Updating (or adding) your YouTube cover image
  • Updating (or adding) YouTube video thumbnails
  • Updating (or adding) YouTube video caption copy
  • Creating playlists to organize your videos
  • Utilizing consistent branding  

Why is a YouTube Overhaul Necessary?

A YouTube overhaul is essential to keep your channel competitive and appealing to existing and potential viewers. It involves updating key elements like thumbnails, descriptions, and playlists to enhance visibility, engagement, and overall performance.

How Often Should I Update My YouTube Channel?

Regular updates are crucial. Aim for consistency in uploading new content, refreshing thumbnails, and optimizing descriptions. This keeps your audience engaged and aligns with YouTube’s algorithm, potentially boosting your videos’ visibility!

Can I Change Thumbnails for Existing Videos?

Absolutely! Updating thumbnails for older videos can breathe new life into them. Ensure the new thumbnails are eye-catching, relevant, and aligned with your channel’s branding to entice more clicks.

Should I Create Playlists on My YouTube Channel?

Playlists contribute significantly to user engagement. They organize your content, making it easier for viewers to navigate. Update and create playlists to keep your channel organized and encourage users to watch more of your content.

What should go into a YouTube video caption? 

A properly optimized YouTube video caption should point viewers back to your YouTube channel and your organization in general. This means including a website link, a specific call to action, social media links, newsletter sign-up, a subscription button, and similar content, depending on your goals and organization. 

Youtube Caption Example

Here’s one good example of a YouTube video caption: 


#relevanthashtag #relevanthashtag #channelhashtag

SUBSCRIBE: Link to Company YouTube Subscribe button
Organization-Specific CTA: (i.e. donate, support, learn more, log in)

About Organization:
Connect with Organization :
Visit the ______ WEBSITE: 
Like ______  on FACEBOOK: 
Follow ______  on TWITTER: 
Follow ______  on INSTAGRAM: 


Dos and Don’ts of YouTube Overhaul

The Dos of a YouTube Overhaul: 

  • Optimize Thumbnails:
    • Create attention-grabbing thumbnails.
    • Use high-quality images.
    • Maintain a consistent and recognizable style.
  • Craft Compelling Descriptions:
    • Include relevant keywords for SEO.
    • Provide additional information.
    • Add calls-to-action (CTAs) to encourage engagement.
  • Organize Playlists:
    • Group videos logically.
    • Create playlists with a specific theme.
    • Update playlists regularly.
  • Stay Consistent with Branding:
    • Use consistent colors, fonts, and logos.
    • Ensure thumbnails reflect your brand.
    • Create a cohesive visual identity.

The Don’ts of a YouTube Overhaul

  • Neglect Thumbnails:
    • Avoid generic or misleading thumbnails.
    • Don’t use low-quality or irrelevant images.
    • Steer clear of clickbait tactics.
  • Underestimate Descriptions:
    • Don’t leave descriptions blank or generic.
    • Avoid keyword stuffing; keep it natural.
    • Don’t overlook the opportunity for CTAs.
  • Ignore Playlists:
    • Don’t leave videos unorganized.
    • Avoid having too many or too few playlists.
    • Steer clear of outdated or irrelevant playlists.
  • Neglect Brand Consistency:
    • Don’t change branding abruptly.
    • Avoid inconsistent colors and fonts.
    • Steer clear of conflicting visual elements.

Before and After Example of a YouTube Overhaul

Here’s an example of a thumbnail before an overhaul. Each thumbnail featured a different style, resulting in a lack of brand recognition among viewers. Additionally, the branding colors and the primary brand logo were deemed outdated.

We developed two primary styles of thumbnails tailored specifically for the brand, updating the color scheme, logo, and typography. By establishing a consistent visual language for the thumbnails, we significantly enhanced brand recognition and channel cohesiveness!

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