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5 Things to Consider Before Starting a Website Redesign

Embarking on a redesign of your website can be equal parts exciting and daunting. Often the hardest part is finding the correct individual or agency to help you, and then there’s always coming up with the budget to hire them. What comes next can seem just as hard, but I’ve broken it down into five […]

Millennials: How to Engage the Foreign Donor Demographic

Over here at Fifty and Fifty, we are often approached by our non-profit clients about engaging a new demographic who have been foreign to their organization: Millennials. “Who are they? What motivates them? And how do we engage and convince them to be a part of the solutions our organizations are working towards?” Simultaneously, as millennials, we […]
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All things Tech

Bringing Computer Science to Your Classroom

From computers to tablets to smartphones, computer science is integral to our daily lives. And today’s teenagers are the first generation ever to be so closely identified with technology. If your kid is browsing the internet from the second they get home until they go to bed, why not teach them about the technology behind […]
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All things Tech

Web Basics for the Tech “Unsavvy”

This article is for anyone who has ever sat in a meeting with an agency or tech team and felt like they were speaking another language. Fear not! Here are some definitions for common tech words. But, mainly, this is for my parents, because they have no idea what I do as a front-end developer […]
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Moving Servers Between Rackspace Accounts

Rackspace now has the ability to share images from one account to another, although there are a few steps involved.  At this time you can’t do it via the control panel, you have to use the v2 API – and do it from the command line.  Because of that, and because the API documentation doesn’t explicitly […]