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Fifty & Fifty Goes To Washington

We saw John Stamos when we attended a meeting at the White House. How’s that for a hook?

We were invited to Washington DC to take part in a roundtable discussion about how digital creativity and communication can raise awareness around campaigns and initiatives.

Secondary point of the meeting was to take really awesome photos and put them on Instagram.

Me (Braden) and Ryan represented Fifty & Fifty and were joined by about 25 other people that lead creative agencies all over the country.

We got to take part in these conversations because of Fifty & Fifty’s experience developing and managing campaigns around key social issues. Our client work directly correlates to what the White House is looking to do to move some initiatives along.

The highlights:
We were a tad surprised at how small the White House really was.

The lounge attached to the men’s bathroom was a library with swords. Very manly indeed.

This may have happened as well. #thewhitehouse

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While there, we were invited to party at the White House…turned out to be a celebration for Greece Independence Day and that’s when we saw Uncle Jessie.

It really was a surreal experience to be in the “home” of the President. It wasn’t lost on us how unique of an opportunity that really was.

Secret Security officers are pretty serious individuals. What you see on TV definitely mirrors reality.

The main takeaway(s):
As we sat with some of the country’s most creative minds, it was incredible to realize that these other agencies rarely get to work on social good projects (or “passion projects”). They’re large firms with clientele who aren’t necessarily geared towards worthwhile social change. What we get to do at Fifty & Fifty everyday – craft quality products for leading humanitarian efforts – are exclusively passion projects. We’ve never felt more lucky.

It was also extremely validating to know that our company’s mission, purpose, and expertise brought something to the table. The very large mahogany table.