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United Way brought us in to bring their tried-and-true fundraising model of workplace giving into the digital age. Because all United Ways are independent organizations, they needed to be united through digital campaigns that would feel global yet still work at a local level.

Our Approach

Although United Way is wildly experienced, communicating their message to a digital audience was a new approach. So we themed the year as a love story, getting people to fall in love with United Way as if they were meeting again for the first time. It shaped a language that made the donor the hero of the story, it showed us to listen more than we speak, and it made sure we were doing everything we could to get donors’ attention.

We started by addressing the need to attract and interest potential donors by creating the Make Your Moment campaign. The campaign focused on attracting donors of all stages to learn about themselves first and then what the best ways were for them to connect with their community. This gave us data to work with and showed people we were listening to them.

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