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The Client

National University Harmony Academy (previously known as Harmony SEL and Inspire Leading in Learning) nurtures student success through comprehensive resources and tailored programs focusing on social and emotional learning, healthy relationships, and academic excellence. Harmony is currently active in over 45,000 schools, impacting more than 11.5 million students, and they’re on a mission to reach even more!


Harmony was interested in working with a marketing and communications firm to support their ambitious goals for the phased release of its digital product refresh, the Harmony Third Edition program.  They had three annual goals in mind for this product release:
  1. Retention
  2. Acquisition
  3. Brand Awareness
They were also in the process of merging with their parent company, National University, and wanted a holistic rebrand approach to celebrate this and share with current users. Our partnership began in early 2022 after a competitive process to ensure we were an excellent match for Harmony’s needs and goals, and we have maintained and evolved it into efforts for an entire rebrand in late 2023.

Our Approach

We started with a visual overhaul of Harmony’s existing assets and brand material to heighten excitement and awareness of the product and new features.

Next, we dove in with the goal of Top-of-Funnel engagement through strategy, social media, paid advertising, and content to help convey the mission and vision of  Harmony Academy. We targeted our desired audience with paid media, met them with a series of landing pages to maximize conversion rates, gate content, and increase qualified leads and conversion rates. 

Once in the market, we added promoting the product’s new features to our focus. This included increased efforts in the user journeys to get in front of the teachers, administrators, and parents and both create and meet the demand for new content, training opportunities, and more. 

We created a nurture email series and utilized remarketing efforts to re-engage lapsed users and continue delivering valuable content and connections.

Within the platform, we tracked user activity, daily traffic, and engagement to track further who was using the platform and where they came from.

In our most recent addition to strategy, our efforts have grown to help rebrand from the original names and separate programs of Harmony SEL and Inspire Leading in Learning to one program,  Harmony Academy.




Decreased Cost per Registration



Increase in Conversion Rate

4.3x Improvement


Conversion Rate



Cost Reduction

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