Nonprofit Marketing Agency: Share Your “Why”

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Explore how our nonprofit marketing agency can strengthen and boost mindshare for your brand.

Nonprofit Marketing Agency: Share Your “Why”

5 Minute Read

The nonprofit sector goes by many names. You’re probably familiar with some, such as the not-for-profit sector, the independent sector, and the third sector. Most of these labels do an adequate job of conveying what nonprofits do, but we still think it’s not enough. 

The majority of Americans understand the impact of nonprofit activities—after all, 54.8% of the population receives services from nonprofits. So, we prefer another label: the humanity sector.

At Fifty & Fifty, we take pride in helping our clients share their stories and empower humanity around the world through marketing. Our strategy is all about asking and answering questions. Our favorite? “Why.” It’s what powers the mission-driven space and the world-changing work that happens within.

We’re here to spread the word about your “why.” 

If you’ve never before worked with a nonprofit marketing agency and you’re still wondering what exactly it entails, we’ve got you covered. Here are the topics we’re going to discuss today:

  • What are the benefits of working with a nonprofit marketing agency?
  • What’s the value of top-notch nonprofit branding and marketing?
  • What’s the Fifty & Fifty approach to nonprofit marketing?
  • How do you begin working with a nonprofit marketing agency? 


Without further ado, let’s answer some questions you may have about nonprofit marketing agencies.

What are the benefits of working with a nonprofit marketing agency?

Achieving your mission is a huge task. It requires supporters, volunteers, and donors to help out. Nonprofit marketing can set you apart from your competitors and further cement your organization’s reputation. Marketing your organization will connect you with interested benefactors and shape the change you want to achieve. None of this can happen without a strong partnership—a truly collaborative client/agency relationship.

Top Nonprofit Marketing Services

We offer a variety of branding, digital, marketing and support services to broaden your nonprofit’s reach and reinforce long-lasting public support. Here are our focus areas:

  • Branding. A critical part of nonprofit marketing is crafting a brand identity and answering questions such as “who?” “what?” and “why?” To empower our clients, we focus on naming, logo design, visual identity, positioning, brand voice, key messaging, and target audience. 
  • Digital. In the digital age, having a strong online presence is crucial for establishing your credibility and brand awareness. To achieve this, nonprofit marketing agencies create compelling and nuanced digital experiences associated with your organization. For example, we create websites, landing pages, microsites, and web applications. These spaces are ideal places to engage online users and maximize your nonprofit’s digital presence
  • Marketing. If you’re a nonprofit professional, you know just how hard it is to distinguish yourself in the social impact space and catch donors’ attention. A nonprofit marketing agency helps you share your “why” with the world. Through optimizing campaigns, social media, email, search, user experience, and analytics and reporting, we’ll do the research for you and provide a comprehensive guide to standing out.
  • Support. We offer website updates, analytics and reporting, bugs and troubleshooting, site security and maintenance, 24/7 uptime monitoring, and performance optimization to ensure your new digital assets keep delivering value long into the future.

Our strategy includes all of the content areas that determine campaign success in the digital space.

Our nonprofit marketing agency works as a team to holistically broaden your nonprofit’s reach.

What’s the value of top-notch nonprofit branding and marketing?

We know nonprofits are saving the world every day. Helping you maximize your impact is our “why”. We think everyone should know yours. This is where effective branding and marketing services come into play.

First-class branding can help your mission reach more eyes, minds, and hearts. With expert services on your side, nonprofit digital marketing brings your organization to the next level of public recognition.

We’re excited to work with a variety of purpose-driven organizations across sizes and focus areas. Here’s a better picture of the true value of nonprofit marketing from the results of our recent projects:


Nonprofit marketing experts know how to leverage your nonprofit’s strengths to create an even bigger impression, both on- and offline. We at Fifty & Fifty work at the crossroads of branding, marketing, digital design, and support to present your mission on a global stage.

What’s the Fifty & Fifty approach to nonprofit marketing?

Fifty & Fifty combines an intimate knowledge of the mission-driven sector with cutting-edge digital marketing techniques to reach and inspire new donors, prospects, and communities. Our mission is to help nonprofits with various inquiries, whether it’s organizing one campaign or an entire rebrand. After working with world-renowned organizations such as the United Nations, Susan G. Komen For the Cure, and United Way, we’ll help you surpass your wildest outreach goals.

We operate in three stages to take your “why” from vision to reality.

  1. Strategy. In this stage, we focus on clarifying and honing your nonprofit’s message so that we can clearly articulate your mission. Then, we determine the best way to package and present your organization so that your new brand is unforgettable.
  2. Digital. We create digital experiences that bring your organization’s mission and values to life online. We use sleek, stunning designs to streamline your digital presence and maximize user experience. 
  3. Engagement. We help you increase brand awareness, catalyze change, garner supporters, and raise money for your campaign goals by driving engagement with your new digital assets. 


Our comprehensive marketing and branding campaigns can wholly remodel your nonprofit’s image to optimize your impact and leverage your “why.” We’ll incorporate your vision for your organization and bring your story to life in an engaging way.

How do you begin working with a nonprofit marketing agency?

To get started, you should reach out to us to discuss your ideas and vision for your nonprofit. If you’re not sure what you want yet, that’s okay! We understand that marketing and branding projects can be overwhelming. The experts at Fifty & Fifty will support you through the discovery process. 

The next step is requesting a proposal or an exploration session for our marketing and branding experts to learn more about how they can help. We’ll walk you through our services and determine what best fits your current needs. Then, it’s time to get creative and create an action plan to achieve your unique goals.

Fifty & Fifty is your organization’s all-in-one nonprofit marketing partner. We’re among the leading movers and shakers in the social impact marketing space. Working with our clients has deepened our understanding of the mission-driven sector and made us more equipped to help your organization. It’s time to bring your “why” worldwide, and we’re here to help. 

We’d love to start strategizing with your nonprofit. Get in touch here.

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